Healthy Bites

Our friends at Renown Health know that food is medicine, and have partnered with Reno Bites this year to help you eat healthy while dining out for restaurant week, and anytime you’re out exploring the local food scene.

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Chef Chris’s Tips

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Here are some tips for eating healthy from Renown’s Community Culinary & Wellness Manager, Chef Chris Wyatt.

  1. Check out menus online before trying a new restaurant. Some menus will have calorie counts, or may have smaller portion sizes. A game plan for ordering may help you make better decisions once there.
  2. Think about sharing an entrée with your dining partner. Splitting an appetizer and an entrée may result in fewer calories actually consumed.
  3. Ask for an appetizer-size portion of a main entrée. Some establishments may make a smaller version of their entrees and it may be a few bucks cheaper!
  4. Order high calorie sauces and dressings on the side, then add only small amounts at a time, or as much as needed to your meal.
  5. Ask the server about what some of healthier choices are on the menu. If the server cannot help, perhaps the owner, chef or manager is available to give recommendations.
  6. Anything heavy in fruits or vegetables will be nutrient dense, lower in fat pound for pound, and lower in calories.

Healthy Bites at Wild River Grille

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Healthy Bites at The Shore

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Healthy Bites at Sierra St.

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