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2017 Chef Showdown Recap Video

2017 marked the 5th year we held the Chef Showdown at Czyz’s Appliance in south Reno. Eight chefs, including four brand new to the event, competed with a mystery basket of ingredients themed by American road trip destinations.

2016 Chef Profiles

In 2016 we worked with our sponsor, Fox 11 Reno, to create a highlight reel of the chefs and restaurants that proudly push the food culture in Reno forward.

2015 Chef Showdown Recap Video

A new group of local chefs and a new sponsorship from Sierra Meats was a the perfect recipe for a great event. Chef Christian Christensen wowed the audience and the judges by being the first competitor to take home the big win two years in a row!

2013 Chef Showdown Recap Video

Our first year at Czyz’s Appliance was a huge hit with both the chefs and the public. Eight gourmet kitchens paired up with Reno’s best chefs and a tank full of live tilapia made for a great show!