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The talented team at Homage doesn’t only make some of the best sweet treats around, their breakfast and lunch are amazing as well!

Join us at Homage for a Murder Mystery Dinner on October 12th!

Put your dancing shoes on and join us for a killer party! This interactive evening will be full of libations, hand-passed hors d’oeurves, dancing and crime. That’s right, the killer is hiding among the guests, and you may just find yourself as the prime suspect…or worse. Guests will get to be part of the action; they’ll be assigned a character and given clue cards throughout three rounds, commencing in a whodunit confession from the killer…but not until after everyone has had a chance to take a stab (or shot) at who the killer is! 1920s attire highly encouraged.

$10 Lunch Specials

Choice of lunch entrée, choice of side and petite dessert

HAWAIIAN PULLED PORK Kahlua Style Pork | Pineapple Coleslaw | King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread

CALIFORNIAN VEGGIE STACK- Avocado Mash | Hummus | Carrots | Red Onion | Tomato | Cucumber | Arugula | Roasted Red Pepper Pesto | Havarti | Sliced 18 Grain

NEW MEXICAN GREEN CHILE-VERDE POSOLE- Pork | Hominy | Salsa Verde | Tomato | Cabbage | Radish | Cilantro | Lime

TEXAN COWBOY CHILI- Ground Beef | Beans | Cheddar Cheese | Onions

BONUS- Order your chili Cincinnati Style!

Two Way-Spaghetti | Chili

Three Way-Spaghetti | Chili | Cheese

Four Way-Spaghetti | Chili | Cheese | Onions

MARYLAND CRABCAKE PO’ BOY- Romaine | Cucumber | Tomato | Lemon Aioli | Hoagie

PHILADELPHIA CHEESESTEAK- Sliced Beef | Bell Peppers | Onions | Mushrooms | Cheese Sauce | Hoagie

$10 Breakfast Specials

Choice of Croissant Sandwich served with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice

WEST COAST- Avocado Mash | Poached Egg | Tomato | Sprouts

CENTRAL COAST- Denver “Omelet” Red Bell Peppers | Ham | Scallions |American Cheese

EAST COAST- Cream Cheese | Lox | Pickled Red Onions | Capers | Arugula

Dessert Specials

Each Day they will offer a different American Pie for dessert!

Key Lime Pie

Boston Cream Pie

Apple Pie

Mississippi Mud Pie

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