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How to Do Reno Bites

Reno Bites shines a spotlight on a multitude of mouthwatering local restaurants and the diverse dining experiences they offer. It encourages curious culinarians to find a new favorite, revisit some that have long been loved, or mingle with other like-minded food lovers at a fun event.

Participating restaurants feature $10, $20 and/or $30 dining specials during Reno Bites, but guests are encouraged to explore any of the other available menu offerings as well.

Restaurant week is about getting out to eat and the overall experience each restaurant and chef provides. It’s also about touting the exceptional skills put forth by each, and keeping it local.

This website is a resource to find some fantastic restaurants and chefs that particularly like to show off during restaurant week, but guests dine and pay at the restaurant as they would normally.

So get out and soak up some ambiance while chowing down on incredible culinary creations!

  • Visit the restaurant page and search by price, meal or cuisine.

  • Click on the restaurant logo for details.

  • Invite your friends to join you

  • Head into the restaurant and order their Reno Bites Week special, or anything that suits your fancy that day. (remember, tax and gratuity aren’t part of the smokin’ deals)

  • Eat up. Drink up. Smile contently.

  • Tell the restaurant that Reno Bites brought you!

  • Leave full and happy

  • Repeat until restaurant week ends

Diners often ask us:

Reno Bites is a collection of locally owned restaurants that band together for a couple of weeks to offer great deals, special menus and events for you to enjoy. It offers a reason to go out and explore the restaurants you’ve heard of but haven’t been to, discover new restaurants you didn’t know were here and meet the people behind all of them. It’s easy to take part, just visit the list of participating restaurants and plan your next meal.

Click here for an easy to use guide on How To Do Bites!

Only a few events require tickets. If you are looking to dine at any of the restaurants, then give them a call or visit their website linked on their profile page here and make reservations. For events that restaurants host, tickets will be linked on their page on this site.

For Reno Bites Events, we only sell tickets to the Walkabite, the other events are FREE! Visit the events page for more info and links to buy tickets or RSVP as needed.

The easy answer is to start at your favorite restaurant. But, as RBW is all about discovering new restaurants, you can head over to the list of participants and sort them by price, meal or cuisine to find something new. Don’t forget to invite a friend you haven’t shared a meal with in a while!

The event takes place within all of the participating restaurants, so double check their website or call if you’re unsure of their hours. Information for the few signature events we have can be found here as well.

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